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Find out how much your data can be valued!

Your personal data has a price for commercial organizations when it comes to advertising and database reselling. This data is exchanged and resold between these players, all over the world.
We have tried to find out the prices, although not without difficulty !
Our message is not to encourage you to sell your data, but rather to make you aware of the market it represents.
Our aim is to make you more conscious of the economic value of your personal data so that you can better understand the importance of privacy.
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Civil status and contact details

Information about your identity such as your gender, telephone number or age are so-called " traditional " identification data which can determine an overview of your person.

Add data to find out the price

Do you have a judicial record?

Do you have a driving license?

Family Situation

Information about your marital status or the number of your children represents a more valuable situation for data and consumer level for example.

Are you married ?

Are you divorced ?

Do you have children ?

Are you expecting children?


Health data are the most sensitive and desired data. Having one or several conditions means that the medical record is more valuable and therefore more attractive. This is not necessarily a bad thing, research needs this data, but your rights must be respected.

Do you have a specific health condition (diabetes, cancer, heart failure, depression, obesity, migraines, cholesterol, asthma...)?

If so, how many conditions do you have?

Do you exercise regularly?

Are you following a weight loss programme?

Economic Situation

The balance of your bank account and your assets play a significant part in the value of your personal data. This information is difficult to obtain and provides additional insight into your life situation.

Are your bank details stored on a website?

Have you ever had a loan?

Identify your property situation

Are you planning to move?

Are you planning to buy a "major" asset in the upcoming time ? ( e.g. house, car, ...)

Internet & Consumer Goods

The data from your social networks and browsing interests is valuable for advertising revenue. The annual revenues per user of the social networks are publicly available, so we have looked into this for you.

Click on the social networks that you have an account on

Do you agree to make your internet records available?

What kind of internet research do you do?

Are you planning to buy a phone?

Do you plan to travel soon?

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Sharing our data is fine, doing it with full information is better!


The price is calculated using the resources we have been able to collect and study, which are available when you
The data is not an exhaustive list. The price is the result of our algorithm based on the existing information.

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